Our Programs

2019-Programs-Infographic S u s t a i n Ongoing social emotional programming deepens and extends the impact of Challenge Day. Customized SEL Supports S P A R K A full-day social emotional learning experience that engages, inspires, and connects students, school staff, and community members. Challenge Day Professional development helps schools strengthen social emotional supports at the individual, classroom and school level. Trauma Informed Training and Coaching O u r F o u n d a t i o n

Our Foundation

Trauma-Informed Practices (TIP)

We begin our work with schools by coordinating and supporting staff trainings in Trauma-Informed Practices (TIP).  We believe these TIP trainings are essential for preparing teachers and other school staff to effectively identify and respond to students with high-levels of trauma.  Moreover, these trainings set a crucial foundation for Challenge Day, as school staff develop and/or strengthen their trauma-informed lens and related strategies.

Our Spark

Challenge Day

At the heart of Challenge Denver’s programming is Challenge Day, a full-day social emotional learning experience that invites students, staff, and community participants to build self-awareness, create connections across difference, and reflect on our shared humanity. This inspiring and provocative program catalyzes conversations, new understandings, and relationships that can have a transformative impact on school culture.  Founded in 1987 by Rich and Yvonne St. John-Dutra, Challenge Day has reached over a million youth and adults worldwide.

Challenge Day Schedule (Fall/Winter 2019)

November 5- Thomas Jefferson HS

November 6- Thomas Jefferson HS

November 7 - STRIVE Prep RISE HS

December 9- Kepner Beacon MS

December 10 - Grant beacon MS


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Pathways to Change

Customized SEL Supports

We are working with our school partners to customize ongoing social emotional programming to best meet their needs.  In addition to creating several innovative pilot programs, we continue our work in student leadership and relationship building.

Student Leadership:  Following Challenge Day, schools can use Challenge Denver's "Be the Change” curriculum to support students in leading meaningful change in school culture.  Applying Challenge Day’s "Notice, Choose and Act" framework, student-led “Be The Change” Teams empower students to live out the work of Challenge Day year-round in ways that are authentic to each school community.

Relationship Building:  Extending the impact of Challenge Day into classrooms, we support schools in strengthening their use of restorative approaches through full-staff trainings and ongoing coaching. Our current work centers on the use of community-building, academic, and restorative circles.  More generally, restorative approaches focus on building, maintaining and repairing relationships among members of a school community. They encourage and elevate student voice.