Challenge Denver was founded in 2007 by concerned parents and community members to ensure that every student feels safe, loved and empowered at school. The organization grew out of an urgent need to address high levels of trauma and bullying in schools, which contributed to a tragic increase in suicide among adolescents across the Denver-metro area.

Challenge Denver's social emotional programming and teacher training effectively contributes to stronger, more connected school communities, increased academic success, and improved life outcomes for students.


Our strategic programming scope and sequence begins with a grade-wide Challenge Day. This 6.5 hour, high-energy learning experience builds trust between students and adult role models, allows space for students to share their life experiences and feelings, connects students to critical mental health resources, and builds long-term social emotional skills to ensure success in school and in life.


Our work with school partners continues throughout the year with targeted teacher training in restorative and trauma-informed practices, designed to infuse the work of Challenge Day into school structures and systems year-round, thereby creating sustainable, school-wide culture change.