Pilot Programs 

Challenge Denver is committed to experimenting with innovative social emotional programming and partnerships to provide our school partners with the most effective supports possible.  In Spring 2019, we will be launching three pilot programs in collaboration with exciting new partners. We look forward to sharing updates and stories of impact through our blog and social media.  Stay tuned!

Forging Connections Across Difference

Through our partnership with the Colorado Resilience Collaborative (CRC) we will be providing schools with trauma-informed practices trainings and student-facing programming that extends the work of Challenge Day. An initiative within the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Psychology, the CRC focuses on preventing identity-based conflict.  In our work together, the CRC team will be facilitating student groups aimed at fostering awareness, understanding, and acceptance among diverse groups of students.

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Identity, Community, and Creative Expression

In collaboration with Violet Hive, a community art and art therapy collective, we will be providing students with enrichment programming that invites them to use creative expression to reflect on and share what they learned during Challenge Day.  The enrichment course will emphasize identity, self-understanding, and relationship building within the context of the school community. The curriculum will directly align with Challenge Day, as students dig deeper into both their own unique stories and our shared humanity.

The Dream Project

Our work with The Dream Project harnesses the risk-taking and optimism cultivated during Challenge Day and helps bring students' dreams to life.  During Challenge Day students share their dreams as though they have already been achieved. One student might proclaim: “I AM a cardiac surgeon living in a penthouse apartment in Los Angeles,” while another asserts: “I AM a published author and recently wrote a New York Times Bestseller.” The Dream Project builds on this experience by helping students identify key next steps in pursuing their dreams and by connecting students with adult partners to work on a relevant “passion project.”

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